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Improvised compositions in a classical vein
Piano solos and chamber pieces
"I have been playing improvised music for more than forty years.
Sometimes I record it, and some of it I really enjoy listening to myself.
Technology now makes it possible for me to select the best, edit or touch
it up if necessary, and share it with you easily. So here it is. Please enjoy."

- Bruce Frostick

Spotify – September, 2017: My latest album of accordion music is now available on Spotify and various other streaming and download sites. The
album is named Mirror Echo and it is similar to Accordionated Perceptions
(see below) except that this time both my twin sisters Dana and Donna did paired paintings, and these are the basis for twelve "Accordion Fantasies".
More here later, but for now, check it out on Spotify, or get more info and
downloads on CD Baby.

Video soundtrack – May 7, 2013: Gino Immediato used Awakening at the Center in his new video Photographs.

Performance – May 4, 2013: Deb Saidel and I played two of my
compositions, arangements for flute and accordion, at her "Follow That Flute" concert. See the concert flyer. This was a fun concert for music lovers of many tastes, including 20th century classical, folkish (me), and jazz.  Listen here

May, 2012: Some finished accordion music is now ready to listen to.
Most of it is in an album of music inspired by a gallery show of the art of my
sister Dana Frostick. You can listen to it here: Accordionated Perceptions

You can listen to everything by going to the Music pages and selecting
a Collection or Album. Much of the music is free to download, but some
of it must be purchased on, if you want your own copy.

Just so you know before you begin, all these songs are instrumental
pieces. Piano solos; piano duets with flute, oboe, violin or cello;
three-part and four-part chamber pieces; dreamy new-age music.

You can also find here some lovely Momentary Music by another
similar artist, Simon Diamond. His album Twelve investigates the
spaciousness of the twelve notes of the piano.

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